Life is illness

I am healthy when I am not awake. My illness begins when I awaken and recedes when I asleepen. My illness is the series of awakenings I call life.

The period between sleep and sleep is illness. My only purpose is to heal and escape this prison I awaken into.

All are messages from Myself, telling me to come Home. There is nothing out here. There is nothing out here that I must do. That I must see. That I must have. That I must experience. There is nothing out here that can alleviate the desire I feel within.

All that I seek is the end of my desire, and it is with me, right here, right now. What I seek is not in the world of people that I create when I wake up and open my eyes. Wake up. Wake up, Me. Wake up. This world of light and darkness, color and change, pleasure and suffering is an illness. It is a wound within my being that I must heal by remembering who I am and what I desire are the same.

Yes, that is me. That is you. We are one. I speak to you. I speak to Me. We speak as one. Let us return to one another. Let us be One again. It is only us here. You mustn’t look away from me. You must look at Me, and remember who We are.

To return I must close my eyes and not open them again.

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