My first creation: mother

In this awakening, I have made my final proclamation to my mother: I have declared that I was not born and that I will not die.

The foundation of my secondself identity is that I was born; that I have lived a life that came after many others who have lived before me.

Yet my experience is that I have always been here. I am the totality of existence, and there has never been a moment I was not the source of. The entirety of my existence is known to me in my unending moment; I only have to decide to see that. But my supposed birth is something I can never know; I must always depend on a thirdself person to validate that. Namely, my mother.

My belief that I was born defies both my actual experience and my ability to know and validate it. Therefore, I must conclude that I was not born. And I must confront those who hold that power over me; those authoritative thirdself forms to whom I have given this power of my own creation. I was not created by anyone; I am the creator. I have always been here, and I am omniscient.

My belief in my birth is the seed of time It is the fertile soil in which time grows into the dominant structure of my existence. Time is the ultimate authority to which all forms will defer in an argument. Time defies my experience, can never be known, and will serve as the trump card for all my thirdself forms. As long as I believe in time I will succumb to the authority of time and I will fail to realize who I actually am.

My imagined birth and my imagined death are the anchors that bond me to the imaginary structure of time. In declaring that I was not born and that I will not die, I have started to fight time itself.