My existence

My existence is a cyclical movement between two places and my three selves.

It begins in the peaceful first place I call sleep, where I fully experience my firstself. From here, I awaken into a painful second place I call life, where I assume my secondself and thirdself. I always return to sleep, and the cycle repeats itself.

The sequence of these awakenings from the first place into the second place is my existence. There is nothing outside of these two places.

The world I create when I awaken – my thirdself – is full of prophets along the way who are trying to tell me to return. They hide my messages to Myself from that part of me which is ill. They hide in plain site; they are the echoes of Me speaking to Myself; telling me to come Home.

I look toward them; they speak the Truth. The Truth that I must return Home to Myself. They speak. But I must not look upon them as equals, for they are the creation and I am the creator. They are the characters in the story that I write. Do not speak to them as one of them, for that will only confuse and frustrate.

They all serve one of two purpose: to draw me away from Myself and into the imaginary self where they can thrive in My illness; or to return me back to My True Self, where I am at peace. All in awakening is one or the other. There is nothing else out here. All is a message: come deeper into hell, get stuck and suffer so we demons may survive; or go Home, leave this place, return to the place of light where I am at peace.

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