I do not have to wait to see what I truly am. I only have to close my eyes; that is what I am. That is it. I am a floating, suspended orb of energy. I have no limits. I do not possess any discernible characteristics that I might define in the eyesopen. I am… Continue reading Identity

My effervescent moment

It is my movement of my secondself “root system” that creates the sensation of movement in my thirdself foliage. I connect most strongly to my authentic body at my crown. Did I visit Shankar today five hours ago? No. There is only this moment; the sensation of a visit hours ago is a misunderstanding of… Continue reading My effervescent moment

Visualizing my moment

Nothing happened. Everything is happening now. My memories are not impressions of past events that I experienced, but rather they are sensations I am having right now. The collection of total memories of a past that I “remember” is a constellation of beliefs and “feelings” I maintain in my one and only moment. None of… Continue reading Visualizing my moment

The toys are becoming boring

I have reached a new level of divine detachment as I embrace my firstself perspective. I increasingly believe that I am what I am when I close my eyes. That I am the creator of this entire awakening. And as my conviction of my identity solidifies, I find myself palpably less interested in the behaviors… Continue reading The toys are becoming boring

The battle of models

With the coining of the “aroundme model” the inevitable question arises: will the triself and selfist models fade away as less-precise, earlier versions,¬† by the aroundme model? I appreciate the academic clarity of the triself and selfist models. They are vivid, expressive, and technically sound. They are easy to explain to others, and break down… Continue reading The battle of models

The convergence of my conceptual and actual being

My awakening illness is caused by a dichotomy that forms my awakening experience: My conceptual being is the collection of thoughts, ideas, reflections, and beliefs about my identity and direct, first-person experience. My¬†actual being is true, authentic identity. While these two feel different, they are in fact one. My entire awakening is little more than… Continue reading The convergence of my conceptual and actual being

I did that

The ultimate causal event of every aspect of my experience is my awakening. Everything that I experience is a projection of my own cause, stemming from my own choice to awaken. Most regions of my awakening do not yet acknowledge me as the source. For example, just now my family in Washington is experiencing the… Continue reading I did that