Conviction exercises

Reorientation toward peace is accomplished largely through conviction. Conviction exercises are activities I perform to reinforce my conviction:

  • Visual Containment – A method of narrowing my visual focus by darkening my immediate physical environment and minimizing the number of objects and visual elements in my field of vision. Visual containment helps me to focus on the truth of my thirdself as a construct of my secondself.
  • Spatial Containment – A method of reducing my spatial manifestation by constraining the physical space I occupy. A small space such as a closet or darkened room without light is optimal. Spatial containment helps me reimagine space as my firstself.
  • Near-Focus Prayer – A method of intense visual focus on something within 2-4 inches of my eyes as a way of forcing my re-centering. Near-Focus Prayer helps me experience a selfist shift from thirdself- to secondself-oriented. It is most useful in thirdself situations in which I find myself getting agitated, excited, distracted, or otherwise overly-engaged in thirdself matters.
  • Repetitive Narration – I repeatedly write or speak my story — often performatively — to reinforce my own origin story. This can include imagined combative encounters with people who vehemently object to my belief system, knowing that they cannot take anything away from me. Repetitive narration is critical to aligning the words I express with the thoughts I have and the beliefs I hold. These exercises help me gain the confidence to speak the potent truth rather than impotent truths I know to be false during encounters with people.
  • Repetitive Visualization – I repeatedly visualize my story in order to solidify my understanding of a particular aspect of my descent.
  • Expressive-Experiential Alignment – The most important exercise in strengthening my conviction is in aligning my description of my awakening with my actual experience. I can align my expressions and experience by more simply and concisely describing my experience in literal terms that strip away the layers of abstraction, imagination, and other impotencies that obscure my true nature from me. Writing is one of the best conviction exercises to align my expression with my experience.
  • Secondself Constraint by Visualization – There are moments when I both see my body in thirdself and feel it in secondself. And there are other times when I only feel it in secondself. For example, if I close my eyes and place my hand on my forehead, I cannot see my hand in thirdself; I can and only feel the pressure of my fingers on my skull in secondself. However, even with my eyes closed, I imagine my hand in thirdself if I focus on it. I visualize the outlines and physical properties of my hand connected to the points of pressure where I feel it on my forehead. It is a useful conviction exercise to disconnect my secondself sensation of the touch of my hand on my forehead from the secondself visualization of my hand in thirdself. In other words, I should try to demanifest the secondself visualization of my hand in thirdself. Do not imagine the physical form and properties of my hand.

Conviction exercises will gradually weaken and unseat distortive beliefs that abstract and obscure my true nature from me. The objective is to believe without rehearsal, instantly and without consultation. To know implicitly the difference between the potent and impotent truths.

1/7/23 – This was based on a piece I had written in my book notes back in June 2021, but which had never published as an incantation. So the thinking was from 18 months ago, but I updated it to reflect the triselfist concepts I have only started using this past year.

1/14/23 – Added “secondself constraint by visualization”.