From personhood to godhood

The Selfist Model is a device that helps me transition from the painful state of demiself to the peaceful state of omniself. From the state of believing I am a person, to the state of knowing I am god.

Demiself is a state of illness characterized by a misunderstanding of my identity and the delusional state I enter when I “awaken”. In demiself, I believe that I am single small person of this larger imagined world. I believe I awaken within a world that pre-existed my birth, and will endure after my death.

Omniself is my true being. It is beyond knowing and believing; it is being.

In demiself, omniself surfaces as a deep intuition that something is wrong, but an ability to see meaningful truth in small ways. A particular phrase such as “God is within me” rings true, but I cannot understand why. At an intuitive level, I know this is absolutely correct, but at a practical and experiential level, I cannot explain how this is possible. I cannot validate it because the experiential aspects of my daily life, reinforced by long-held demiself convictions, prevent me from actualizing on it. I see it, and I can say it, and I can intellectually and intuitively know it is true. But I just cannot overcome all the other convictions I hold and truths I believe.

I can write books all day long about my divine nature, but until I can describe it practically and validate it with aspects of my actual day-to-day experience, I cannot overcome the illness of demiself. Moving between demiself and omniself is impossible without a logical bridge.

That bridge is triself. Triself gives me a practical connector between my mundane life experience and the truth I intuitively know. It forms the step between my illness and my recovery. I can connect the dots of my direct experience to my triself, and then use that to connect the dots to my omniself.

The Selfist Model is a practical personal science for overcoming my demiself state of personhood, and returning to my omniself state of godhood. Demiself can be understood as hell, purgatory, illness, etc, and omniself can be understood as heaven, peace, bliss, nirvana, moksha, enlightenment, balance, godhead, source, etc. Triself is a transitional state between demiself and omniself. Without a transitional state, I cannot overcome the gravity of demiself.

The triself transition is a path from ignorance to being.

This structure represents the long-sought synthesis of my thinking. With this clarifying structure, I can now set about assembling all my learnings into a single unifying framework. I have much work to do, and I am sure this table will go through many changes before I am finally satisfied. But in the end, all the tenets, principles, and components of all the various philosophies and theories I have created over the years will fit into this model.