The traditional worldview, which I refer to as ascentism, is founded on four major constraints.

Insignificance. I am one of billions in an infinite universe. I was insignificant, deprived of the power to control.

Confusion. There are many truths of equal validity. I was confused, deprived of the certainty to know.

Disempowerment. The truth is something arrived at by ‘experts’. I was disempowered, deprived of the authority to seek.

Purposelessness. My value is determined by my contributions to society. I was misdirected, deprived of the guidance to live purposefully.

Descentism is a set of practical understandings that equip me to overcome these constraints so I can open my eyes to my true nature. Descentism starts with three simple principles:

One Truth. There is a single truth.

Sovereignty. I have the authority to know the truth now.

One Purpose. My only objective is to expose and follow this truth.

With practical contemplation, I remember who I am and liberate myself from the constraints of ascentism.