My moment is the container of my awakened self

My true self — my omniself — is dimensionless. I can experience the true shape of my being at any time by closing my eyes and quieting all distractions. That silence and absence of any change and movement is equivalent to the same moment when my secondself and thirdself are exploding deep into their respective horizons. My experiential moment — the period between awakening into demiself and prior to departing it — is an explosion. The skin that holds it all together is my moment, which gets stretched in every direction, which I experience as time, space, light, color, desire, movement, and change in two quadrants: secondself and thirdself.

I experience the center of my moment as I am, the most potent story of all. As I focus away from my center, I experience increasingly impotent features: stories that I must imagine, and that do not even include me. When the stories I produce and consume do not align with the most potent story of all — I am — then I experience demipotence.