I will descend, either willingly in life, or unwillingly in death. In my eventual descent, the distortion of the second place will fade and I will see my existence for what it actually is. Descentism is the decision to descend in life, rather than waiting until death.

The process of seeing past the distortion is the Reorientation. Once I have started my reorientation, and with persistence and dedication, I will see and understand truth of my existence. There are a number of critical aspects of the reorientation process.

Model. The first step in reorientation is learning the difference between the imagined reality based on indirect knowledge, and the actual model based on my direct experience.

Regularity. The distortion thrives on chaos and irregularity, but weakens with regularity. I first need to find a handle, and learn how to hold tight. It will be torn from me time and time again, so I must find the rituals that work and build them into my life.

Exercises. Regular exercises allow me to increase my conviction and see through the familiarity of the second place.

Experience. Direct experience creates the most impactful and lasting conviction. The result is absolute certainty.

Reorientation exposes the truth of my existence directly, without any outside forms. What starts as hypothetical, ends as certainty.

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