The hierarchy of desire

November 7, 2021: I have updated this topic. This post no longer contains my most recent and updated thinking on this topic.

In my eventual descent, whether I want to or not, I will see the world for what it is. As a descentist, I learn and embrace this truth in life, rather than waiting for my death. To start this process, I must replace the imagined reality I learned from books with the one that actually exists from my perspective.

The second place is a two-way projection within the first place, divided into an inner environment of mental and emotional forms, and an outer environment of physical and sensational forms.

The projection is a hierarchy of desires starting and ending with the essential desire to return to the first place. But every time I awaken into the second place, I manifest my second self as an aggregation of inessential desires.

My projected desires accumulate in layers. With education and coercion, my second self becomes smaller in relation to the totality of the manifestation, and my desires become more complex, nuanced, and distant. Desire is self-replicating.

As I ascend, these layers of desire unfurl until I am my second self.

As I descend, these layers of desire fold back up. I can see this happening when I begin to feel sleepy and descend for the evening. My highest-level desires disappear first until all that remains are my physiological desire for warmth and comfort as I retire to my bed. Assuming there is no threat of death, I succumb to my essential desire and return to the first place.